Standish Medical Practice

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Training Practice

Standish Medical Practice is a training practice for medical students and GP trainees. Some trainees may be involved in clinics you attend. If you have any reservations regarding their presence during your consultation please let reception staff or the clinician looking after you know.standish training

As part of doctors’ training and assessment they are  required to video consultations from time to time. This is to improve their consultation skills and communication with patients. When this is happening in surgery, you will be asked before and after your consultation whether you are happy to be filmed and for the footage to be used for your clinician’s training.The videotape is subject to the same confidentiality and security as your medical records. It will only be viewed by clinicians responsible overseeing your care and be used for the purpose of teaching and learning.

Date published: 13th October, 2014
Date last updated: 1st May, 2020